Codie Wood

I graduated from The University of Oxford in 2022, where I was awarded a First-Class Honours in Mathematics & Statistics. My main area of interest is in the use of statistical methods to explore inequalities and combat issues in population health sciences – I’ve always loved the idea of using a data-driven approach to make tangible differences to peoples lives, and inform social and health policies. I am also a keen advocate for good software engineering practises in scientific computing, and so am interested in exploring software development. I enjoy teaching and, as a first generation university student from a working class background, am enthusiastic about access and working on making higher education more inclusive.

My project will be on the impact of misclassification in causal analyses, with a particular focus on applications to studies of deprivation and health inequality. I will be supervised by Professor Kate Tilling (University of Bristol), Dr. Rachael Hughes (University of Bristol) and Professor Jonathan Bartlett (London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine).


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