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The Postgraduate in Artificial Intelligence Link (PAI-Link) brings together PhD students in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science across the country. This project has multiple goals:

  • Providing a platform where AI CDT students can connect with fellow students across the country.
  • Allowing students to explore new areas in an accessible way by designing talks and workshops to have a tutorial style.
  • Providing an opportunity for students to present their work to a wide audience. This will be a platform build by PhD students for PhD students.
  • Attracting important and tailored industry speakers and “AI celebrities”.
  • Organizing challenges and collaborative tasks such as Hackathons and Kaggle-like competitions.

If you would like to stay up-to-date with the latest events, please register your interest here

Upcoming events



Mauro Camara Escudero

My PhD focuses on developing new representation learning methods such as Normalizing Flows, Variational Autoencoders and Generative Adversarial Networks to improve inference in simulator-based models with application in Population Genetics and Biology. I’m very happy to be supervised by Christophe Andrieu and Mark Beaumont.


Tonicha Crook

Hi, I’m Tonicha Crook!I have a Master degree in Mathematics and am currently studying for my PhD in Computer Science. My main research areas are Game Theory and Computability. I am part of the AIMLAC CDT, thats Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Advanced Computing.


Adam Lee

I am a first-year PhD student with the CDT in Distributed Algorithms at the University of Liverpool. My main focus is on Bayesian Inference through Gaussian Processes, with a particular interest on Big Data models.
I have a background in Applied Mathematics & Linear Algebra, but when I’m not being boring you can find me at the football or playing video games.


Marco Fontana

I’m a PhD student with the CDT in Distributed Algorithms at the University of Liverpool. My main interests are multi-target tracking and target detection in challenging scenarios. My background is in telecommunications engineering.


Thomas Spriggs

In my PhD I apply techniques from the fields of machine learning and data science to state-of-the-art particle simulations to uncover the nature of interactions that took place in the first moments of our Universes’ existence. I have a Master’s degree in theoretical physics from Durham University and currently study at Swansea University as part of the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Advanced Computing scheme. I very much enjoy the interplay between physics and machine learning and think that is exactly what the PAI-link is about.


Vincent Beraud

Hi, I am Vincent ! I study my PhD at the University of Liverpool amongst the Distributed Algorithms CDT. My research area expands on Bayesian Modeling, Deep Learning and Distributed algorithms. I am lucky enough to be supervised by Simon Maskell and Vassil Alexandrov. My research is co-funded by EPSRC and the UK Government.

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