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Compass students are passionate about their research interests and the impact they can make in the world through their work.

Take a look at our student-penned blog series Student perspectives to learn more about our students’ research and experiences on the Compass programme.


Cohort 1 (2019/20 start)


Alessio Zakaria

Project title: Online Methods for Complex Stochastic Optimization Problems

Supervisors: Vladislav Tadic, Christophe Andrieu


Alexander Modell

Project title: Statistical analysis of large graphs

Supervisors: Patrick Rubin-Delanchy




Daniel Williams

Project title: Estimating Probabilistic Models on Curved Surfaces using Score Matching 

Supervisors: Song Liu

Dominic Owens

Project title: Network analysis of high-dimensional financial data with non-linear and time-evolving dependence

Supervisors: Haeran Cho and CheckRisk

Doug Corbin

Project title: Non-parametric supervised learning. In particular, Doug’s work focusses on the application of nonparametric methods to sequential decision making problems.

Supervisors: Anthony Lee, Mathieu Gerber

Jake Spiteri

Project title: Kernel methods for non-parametric supervised learning

Supervisors: Anthony Lee, Mathieu Gerber


Mauro Camara Escudero

Project title: Using Variational approaches to perform computationally efficient ‘divide and conquer’ Monte Carlo inference on demographic models.

Supervisors: Christophe Andrieu, Mark Beaumont (School of Biological Sciences).


Michael Whitehouse

Project title: Dynamics and Uncertainty in Financial Factor Models

Supervisors: Nick Whiteley


Cohort 2 (2020/21 start)



Annie Gray

Project title: Exploratory data analysis of graph embeddings: exploiting manifold structure

Supervisors: Patrick Rubin-Delanchy and Nick Whiteley


Anthony Stephenson

Project title: Fast Bayesian Inference at Extreme Scale

Supervisors: Robert Allison and IBM


Conor Crilly

Project title: Uncertainty Quantification for Computer Experiments

Supervisors: Oliver Johnson and AWE


Conor Newton

Project title: Decentralised sequential decision making and learning

Supervisors: Henry Reeve, Ayalvadi Ganesh

Dan Ward

Project title: Simulation-Based Inference for Agent-Based Models

Supervisors: Matteo Fasiolo, Mark Beaumont (School of Biological Sciences)

Ed Davis

Project title: Graph embedding: time and space

Supervisors: Dan Lawson, Patrick Rubin-Delanchy

Euan Enticott

Project title: Scalable Additive Models for Forecasting Electricity Demand and Renewable Production

Supervisors: Matteo Fasiolo, Nick Whiteley, and EDF


Jack Simons

Project title: Approximate Bayesian Inference by Density Ratio Estimation

Supervisors: Song Liu, Mark Beaumont (School of Biological Sciences)


Sam Stockman

Project title: Machine Learning and Point Processes for Insights into Earthquakes and Volcanoes

Supervisors: Maximillian Werner (School of Earth Sciences), Dan Lawson


Shannon Williams

Project title: The statistical design of assessments of impacts from explosive volcanic eruptions

Supervisors: Jeremy Phillips (School of Earth Sciences), Anthony Lee

Cohort 3 (2021/22 start)


Ben Griffiths

Project title: Developing scalable fitting methods for quantile and loss-based GAMs

Supervisors: Matteo Fasiolo and EDF

Daniel Milner

Project title: A spatially explicit assessment of agro-pastoral sustainability in Kenya and Ethiopia 

Supervisors: Andrew Dowsey, Levi Wolf, Kate Robson Brown, and ILRI

Dominic Broadbent

Project title: Data reduction and large-scale inference 

Supervisors: Nick Whiteley, Robert Allison, and NCSC

Edward Milsom

Project title: Classification for deep kernel machines

Supervisors: Laurence Aitchison

Emerald Dilworth

Project title: Using web data to detect spatial relationships

Supervisors: Emmanouil Tranos, Dan Lawson

Ettore Fincato

Project title: Functional Analysis of the Gibbs Sampler

Supervisors: Christophe Andrieu, Mathieu Gerber

Hannah Sansford

Project title: Graph simulation

Supervisors: Nick Whitely, Patrick Rubin-Delanchy


Harry Tata

Project title: Novel semi-supervised Bayesian learning to rapidly screen new oligonucleotide drugs for impurities

Supervisors: Andrew Dowsey and AstraZeneca

Josh Givens

Project title: (Differential) Model Inference with Imperfect Information 

Supervisors: Song Liu, Henry Reeve

Tennessee Hickling

Project title: Flexible tails for normalising flows

Supervisors: Dennis Prangle

Cohort 4 (2022/23 start)


Ben Anson

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Dr Laurence Aitchison

Codie Wood

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Prof Kate Tilling 

Dylan Djik

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Dr Haeran Cho

Emma Ceccherini

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Prof Patrick Rubin Delanchy

Emma Tarmey

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Prof Kate Tilling and Prof Jonathan Sterne

Henry Bourne

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Dr Rihuan Ke

Qi Chen

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Dr Dan Lawson


Rachel Wood

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Dr Dan Lawson

Rahil Morjaria

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Dr Sidharth Jaggi


Sam Bowyer

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Dr Laurence Aitchison


Samuel Perren

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Prof Nicky Welton

Xinrui Shi

Mini project in Year 1 supervised by Prof Patrick Rubin Delanchy

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