Henry Bourne


Before starting at compass, I graduated from Bristol university with a First Class honours Masters of engineering degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. In my bachelors dissertation I did a project on simulating visual hallucination patterns in a spiking neural network in order to validate a field equation model. For my masters dissertation I worked on meta-learning and in particular with the Model-Agnostic-Meta-Learning (MAML) algorithm. I adapted the algorithm to learn from temporal data, such that given a time series it could learn from data at various points along the time series and then construct models for a given time point with k-shot learning. I also created a novel extension to the MAML algorithm which had increased performance in the temporal setting.

Research Interests

Broadly, I am interested in undertaking research that will help contribute to the creation of AGI. In particular, I am interested in creating more computationally and data efficient AI that is continually learning and adaptable; currently, I am looking at biologically inspired ideas to facilitate this. My supervisor is Dr. Rihuan Ke and during my time at Compass I will be working in the area of machine learning with an emphasis on vision.

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