Dominic Broadbent

Before Compass

I graduated in 2021 with First-Class honours in Mathematics with Statistics (MMath) from the University of Nottingham.  I focused heavily on statistics, and in particular computational statistics. During my time at Nottingham I completed two projects:
  • I developed a computer algebra system (CAS) in Python. A CAS aims to solve or simplify equations and expressions algebraically, rather than numerically.  The experience allowed me to explore my interest in programming and helped me to refine my appraoch to self-teaching.
  • For my dissertation, I was interested in working on something more statistically minded, but retaining an explicit and important real-world application. I chose a project focused on developing and implementing an epidemic model to identify the transmission pathways of a measles epidemic throughout and between various sub-populations of a community. Inference was conducted in a Bayesian manner via the use of Markov Chain Monte Carlo techniques.

Research Interests

My PhD focuses on developing data reduction methods to improve the computational feasibility of large scale Bayesian and classical inference. I am supervised by Professor Nick Whiteley and Professor Robert Allison.


To access my third and fourth year papers see my linkedin [].

For a list of projects I have worked on see my GitHub [].

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