Emma Tarmey

I completed a BSc in “Mathematics with Computer Science” at the University of Southampton in 2021, then additionally an MSc in “Operational Research and Statistics” at the University of Southampton in 2022. During my masters, my dissertation project was in estimating waiting times for the Trauma and Orthopaedics department of University Hospital Southampton, where my research interests in healthcare modelling and epidimiology developed.

As someone for whose life has been shaped by the UK medical system and associated waiting times, similarly for many of my friends and loved ones, I feel that this project was a turning point in my life’s ambition to make the world better with math, in particular by increasing understanding of healthcare systems and increasing understanding of health outcome modelling.

I’m presently undertaking a PhD in “Computational Statistics and Data Science” here at the University of Bristol via the COMPASS CDT programme. My a project is in “Developing methods for model selection in causal health analyses”. I’m supervised jointly by Professor Kate Tilling and Professor Jonathan Sterne here at the University of Bristol alongside Professor Rhian Daniel with the University of Cardiff.

Outside of research, I enjoy singing, dancing, musical theatre, baking and tabletop gaming.

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