Daniel Williams

Danny WilliamsMy research interests are directed towards probability density estimation using score matching, for unnormalised models and their interesting applications – such as on a manifold or a truncated space. I seek to find new and interesting ways for which we can all do statistics, data science and machine learning. What if we don’t have a full dataset available? We could be artificially limited by a country’s borders, or cut off by a limited parameter space. Maybe we also encounter inaccuracies due to our Euclidean approximation in geographical applications. My research aims to fix these problems and provide novel solutions.

I am originally from Birmingham and then the South West, in that order. My undergraduate degree was at the University of Exeter, where I studied a masters in mathematics; mostly focused on statistics, machine learning and applications to the climate and climate change. I am now in the second year of my PhD as part of the first Compass CDT cohort.

You can read more about my studies, research and personal projects on my personal webpage here: https://dannyjameswilliams.co.uk.
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