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Compass Conference

13th September 2022

Fry Building, Fry Building, Woodland Road, Bristol BS8 1UG

We are excited to announce that we will be holding our first Compass Conference on Tuesday 13th September 2022, which will be hosted in the newly refurbished Fry Building, home to the School of Mathematics.

Fry Building
The Fry Building and Voronoi installation

The conference will be a celebratory showcase of the achievements of our students, supervisory teams, and collaborations with industrial partners.


Exact timings are to be confirmed. Welcome refreshments will be served from 9am with talks to start by 10am. The scheduled talks will finish by 5pm and dinner will finish by 8.30pm.

  • Registration, refreshments and welcome talk
  • Lightening talks: 3 min presentations from Compass PhD students
  • Poster viewing session and networking followed by lunch
  • Research talks:
    • Ed DavisUniversal Dynamic Network Embedding (download slides)
    • Ettore FincatoSpectral analysis of the Gibbs sampler with the concept of conductance
    • Alexander ModellSpectral embedding and the latent geometry of multipartite networks (download slides)
    • Hannah SansfordImplications of sparsity and high triangle density for graph representation learning
    • Michael WhitehouseConsistent and fast inference in compartmental models of epidemics via Poisson Approximate Likelihoods
    • Alessio ZakariaYour Favourite Optimizer may not Converge: Click here to see more
  • Special guest lecture: John Burn-Murdoch, Interactive Data Journalist at the Financial Times.


For further information, please contact