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IBM Research: DataScience@work seminar

29th June 2021
14:00 - 15:00


Hamza Aagli (IBM Data Science and AI Elite).

Abstract: Today, many organisations are putting huge effort to adopt Data Science and AI in their strategy. Once fully operationalised, these techniques can help the organisation achieve better business results such as cost optimisation or revenue increase.
As a result, data science job market has exploded and the related career is nowadays one of the most sought after.
In this talk I will share my perspective on the job, describe the daily activities of a (client facing) data science team and discuss what it takes to be a data scientist in the industry.
Bio: Dr. Aagli is a Lead Data scientist and engagement manager. He helps organisations across industry to establish a data culture and see the the business value out of it.
In his  job, he typically leads a team of Data experts and SMEs to co-create with clients applied data science solutions.
He holds a PhD in AI from Paris Sorbonne University, received a MSc in Operations Research and Decision Aiding from Mines Paris Tech / Dauphine University and a MEng in Computer Science and Applied Maths from Toulouse Institute of Technology.


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