Cohort 3 research projects confirmed

Our third Cohort of Compass students have confirmed their PhD projects for the next 3 years and are establishing the direction of their own research within the CDT.

Supervised by the Institute for Statistical Science:   

Ettore Fincato is working on the project: Functional Analysis of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithms with supervisors Christophe Andrieu and Mathieu Gerber

Dominic Broadbent is working on the project: Data Reduction and Large-Scale Inference – Bayesian Coresets with supervisors Nick Whiteley and Robert Allison. This by project is co-funded and co-supervised the National Cyber Security Centre.

Ben Griffiths is working on the project: Faster model fitting for quantile additive models with supervisor Matteo Fasiolo.  This project is co-funded and co-supervised by EDF Energy

Josh Givens is working on the project: Differential Model Inference with Imperfect Information with supervisors Song Liu and  Henry Reeve.

Tennessee Hickling is working on the project: Flexible Tails for Normalising Flows with supervisor Dennis Prangle

Hannah Sansford is working on the project: Some new results in graph representation learning with supervisors Nick Whitely and  Patrick Rubin-Delanchy.


The following projects are supervised in collaboration with the Institute for Statistical Science (IfSS) and our other internal partners at the University of Bristol:

Emerald Dilworth is working on the project:  Using Web Data and Network Science to Detect Spatial Relationships with supervisors Emmanouil Tranos (Geographical Sciences) and Dan Lawson

Ed Milsom is working on the project:  Deep kernel machines with supervisors Laurence Aitchison (Computer Science) and Song Liu

Harry Tata is working on the project: Novel semi-supervised Bayesian learning to rapidly screen new oligonucleotide drugs for impurities with supervisor Andrew Dowsey (Population Health Sciences).  This project is funded and co-supervised by Astra Zeneca

Daniel Milner is working on the project: Spatial and Temporal Assessment of Vulnerability and Resilience in Semi-Arid Landscapes with supervisors Andrew Dowsey (Population Health Sciences), Levi Wolf (Geographical Sciences)  and Kate Robson Brown (Engineering Mathematics). This project is co-funded and co-supervised by International Livestock Research Institute

Compass student publishes article in Frontiers

Compass student Dan Milner and his academic supervisors have published an article in Frontiers, one of the most cited and largest research publishers in the world. Dan’s work is funded in collaboration with ILRI (International Livestock Research Institute).

Market access and dietary diversity: A spatially explicit multi-level analysis in Southern and Western Kenya.

PhD Compass application deadline: 16 March 2022

EPSRC PhD in Computational Statistics and Data Science is now recruiting for its next available fully-funded home fees places to start September 2022.

We will be prioritising applicants who wish to work with the following potential supervisors:

Professor Nicky Welton – Professor Welton works in the the department of Population Health Sciences in the Bristol Medical School.  Her work as a Compass supervisor can include supervision in the areas of Medical Statistics and Health Economics, in particular methods for combining evidence from multiple sources to answer healthcare policy questions.

Dr Sidarth Jaggi – Dr Jaggi is an Associate Professor in the Institute of Statistical Science and a Turing Fellow.  His Compass PhD supervision can cover areas such as high-dimensional statistics, and robust machine learning.

Dr Rihuan Ke – Dr Ke is a Lecturer in the School of Mathematics.  His research is on machine learning and mathematical image analysis. He has been developing statistical learning approaches and data-driven models for solving problems in computation and data science, and in particular for large scale image analysis. The typical approaches that he takes are to combine mathematical structures and statistical knowledge with modern deep learning techniques, to enable automatic analysis of the intrinsic structure of imaging data and exploiting rich information encoded in the data for the underlying tasks. In his projects, he is also interested in relevant applications in material sciences, medical imaging, and remote sensing. He is supervising PhD projects in deep learning, image analysis, and more generally data science.

EMAIL for more information or APPLY HERE

Compass Science Focus Lab – November 2021

Using OMIC data to predict breast cancer outcomes

Our Compass students took part in a data challenge in partnership with the MRC Integrative Epidemiology Unit based at the University of Bristol.

Academic leaders Matthew Suderman, Paul Yousefi and Josine Min challenged the students to use data collected on cancer rates, risk factors, complexity of individual cancers and potential treatments to build outcome prediction models from multi-omic data derived from hundreds of breast tumours.

In smaller teams, over a 2 week period, the students used machine learning techniques to feedback to academic staff a number of different and creative approaches to this challenge.

Welcome Cohort 3

A huge welcome to Compass to our 3rd Cohort of CDT students.  Look out for their updates during this year about their research and experiences.

Edward Milsom, Ben Griffiths, Emerald Dilworth, Hannah Sansford, Daniel Milner, Harry Tata, Dominic Broadbent, Tennessee Hickling, Josh Givens, Ettore Fincato

Compass students Sept21

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